FHA - With the government and banks cracking-down on loan terms, FHA loans are the new best-choice in mortgages.  Everywhere across Connecticut, mortgage brokers and Realtors are becoming more and more familiar with the rules of FHA appraisals and loans so they can keep-up with the changing real estate market.

FHA appraisals offer a government-backed loan that offers many advantages.  One advantage is the security of the loan, as its backed not by a private company, but by the United States of America.  Another advantage is the fixed interest rates FHA loans offer. FHA and CHFA loans require an appraisal done on a property by a certified FHA appraiser. 

Real Estate appraiser Ken Midzenski is one of those appraisers, as he is a certified FHA appraiser.  He's ready for any FHA appraisals in the state of CT and is looking-forward to using his experience to help homeowners finance a new home. 

REO- Real estate owned. Everywhere pre-foreclosure REO type of appraisals are growing at an alarming rate. A REO appraisal not only requires the appraiser to preform the typical appraisal but adds an additional layer of knowledge. The evaluating and estimation of damage and defered maintenance in a cost to cure estimated dollar amount.      

FHA and REO appraisals have a very specific set of rules and appraiser must follow.  Trust Shoreline Real Estate Property Appraisal to follow these rules and get your appraisal job done right.  Ken's attention to detail doesn't take away from his turnaround time.  The personal service you'll get from Shoreline Appraisal ensures you'll see your completed real estate appraisal in about 2-4 business days.  That's half the time of most larger firms!

Email us today at shorelinepropertyappraisals@gmail.com to begin the appraisal process. Your order will be handled right away and an appointment scheduled as soon as possible. Visit our Fee Schedule page and our Contact page for more information.