Shoreline Property Appraisals LLC

We have both Residential Real Estate and FHA Certifications

Our clients receive top quality appraisal reports presented in a professional manner. We recognize that our clients require a quick turnaround and  reliable service to excel in this competitive market. Our office is located in Branford, Connecticut and we cover the following areas:

New Haven, Hartford, Middlesex, and New London metro areas.

If you're looking for a real estate appraisal done right the first time, then Shoreline Property Appraisal is the company you can trust.  Our combination of experience and attention to detail will give you the thorough report you're looking for.  Whether you're a bank representative looking for an FHA appraisal, an individual curious about the worth of your home, or a mortgage broker looking for the fair market value of a property, Shoreline Real Estate Appraisals has the tools, the experience, and the certifications to get the job done right.

CT Real Estate Property Appraiser Kenneth Midzenski has done hundreds of real estate appraisals throughout the state of Connecticut and is widely known for his ability to work well with clients.  Ken has done appraisals on single-family and multi-family houses in CT and has done real estate appraisal work for both standard mortgages and FHA loans.

Yes, turnaround time is important in business.  Shoreline Real Estate Appraisal honors deadlines, but refuses to cut back on quality in the process.  Each real estate appraisal order you place with Shoreline Property Appraisal will be completed thoroughly, no matter the time constraints.

Click on our Fee Schedule to view prices for individual property appraisals, then email us at to setup an inspection. We're happy to serve your needs and will always go the extra mile (pun intended!) to get your real estate appraisal done right!